Welcome to the Armenian Library Club of Toronto known as the

Haroutyoun Manougian Library and Bookstore

Nestled within the Armenian Community Centre (ACC) in Toronto!

Our library, founded in 1968 through the generous donation of the Manoogian family's personal collection, has since blossomed into a vibrant hub of knowledge and culture.

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Spanning 1,800 square feet, our library boasts over 4,000 books and periodicals in both English and Armenian, covering a wide array of topics including art, history, religion, literature, and music. Additionally, our collection includes over 500 audio tapes, records, CDs, and hundreds of videos, ensuring there's something for every interest and curiosity.

As a registered non-profit organization, we rely on the dedication of volunteers who staff the library and serve on its board. We are committed to transparency and accountability, presenting our annual report and financial statements to our members.

Beyond being a repository of knowledge, our library serves as a platform for promoting new publications and writers. We offer a channel for distributing and selling new works on Armenian topics, while also hosting regular book readings and reviews where authors are invited to share and autograph their books.

Today, the Haroutyoun Manougian Library and Bookstore stands as the largest resource center in Ontario for Armenian literature, history, music, art, and more. Widely utilized by students, community members, and the public alike, our library is open five days a week, staffed by a dedicated team of approximately eight volunteers.

In addition to our physical presence, we maintain a membership mailing list of approximately 300 individuals, providing regular updates on new acquisitions and publications. We strive to foster a sense of community through our events and initiatives, inviting all to engage with the rich tapestry of Armenian culture and heritage.

Whether you're seeking to delve into the depths of Armenian literature or simply explore a new topic of interest, we invite you to visit the Haroutyoun Manougian Library and Bookstore. Come immerse yourself in our collection, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and experience the boundless wonders of Armenian culture. We look forward to welcoming you soon!


The Haroutyoun Manougian Library envisions a community where the treasures of Armenian literature and culture are cherished, celebrated, and accessible to all, fostering lifelong learning, connection, and enrichment.


At the Haroutyoun Manougian Library, our mission is to be a beacon of knowledge, culture, and community within the Armenian Community Centre (ACC) of Toronto. We curate a diverse and extensive collection of over 5,000 books, periodicals, and multimedia resources, meticulously selected to showcase the richness and diversity of Armenian heritage. By providing free and open access to our library, we strive to empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to explore, discover, and engage with Armenian literature, history, and culture. Through our vibrant events, workshops, and cultural programs, we aim to inspire curiosity, foster connection, and celebrate the enduring legacy of Armenian storytelling and creativity.

Hours of Operation

Open to the public weekly

Fridays 8 pm - 11 pm

Sundays 11 am - 2 pm


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Drop us a line at LIBRARY@armenian.ca.

Let's create something beautiful together.


45 Hallcrown Place, Willowdale, ON M2J 4Y4